DR Productions is an independent, versatile producer of entertaining content. The man behind the scenes (Daniel Rodrigues) has a wide range of skills that can fulfill your needs in film, music, animation and digital art. You'll have a responsive guarantee like no other. 


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Music Videos / Filming

Over 10 years experience in producing Music Videos. Ranging from low-fi style productions to quirky animations.

Songwriting / Music Production

With over 20 years experience writing songs, you can have the assistance you need in writing lyrics, playing instruments and producing the song that you have in mind. All within a small budget.

Digital Designs / Cards

Need a farewell card for that long serving employee? Or a spectacular piece of art for someone you love and care about? This is the place to go to help you with that special occasion. 

Video Gallery

Examples of Daniel Rodrigues' previous work

Daniel Rodrigues - Evil Easter Bunny Rap (Music Video)

Mystic Fields - Alphabet Song (Music Video)

Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear (Cartoon Short)

Daniel Rodrigues - I'll Get Around To It (Music Video)




From $25 AU + Postage & Handling

DR Designs' T-Shirts can be purchased via Teespring by clicking on the I CANNOT BEAR YOU image to the left. This will lead you to an external website where you can purchase a range of T-Shirts.


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